Welcome to My Seasonal Bubbles! 💭

A space that holds my innermost thoughts, reflections, devotions, and learnings through the different seasons of my life. Unlike the weather in my country, my mind, heart, and soul have four (4) seasons:


summer1Is how I pray my relationship with my Father would always be; burning with passion as the sun, hot as the summer in my hometown. I hope to bring inspiration as I write about love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control in this season.


Hwinterolds accounts of the different side of me, the lonely cold heart of Jennie. Whenever I find myself in a chilly thought-place or experience, writing gives me the warmth and companion that I need. Don’t worry, this season isn’t all about my crying pity-party moments. This chapter houses the not-so-happy but hopeful entries because no matter how chilly it gets, I will always be in my big God’s warm embrace.


springLike the beautiful flowers that bloom during spring; encouraging posts, new things happening in my life, and all the other things that add those popping colors in my life are in my blog’s spring season. May you find each entry as refreshing as the spring wind and colorful like the flower in the gardens.


fallThis is my Favorites And Lifestyle Lounge. My “kikay” corner!! Where I post more about my personal preferences in music, K-Beauty, restaurants and tips tidbits that concerns the industry of my profession.


May you find this page intriguing, informative, helpful and entertaining as you read blog entry after the other… Always remember that you are loved! God be with you always! ❤